Will you be happier after burnout?

People often say that experiencing burnout should be seen as something good. Or that you surely will be happier after it. Today it is more than four years after I got burnout and I have my own company for two years. Time to draw up the balance: Did I become any happier after my burnout?

Every individual and every situation is unique. Do you feel stressed, extremely tired or do you worry a lot? Please talk to family, friends, your general practitioner or an expert in that field.


I had the best possible job as managing director of a research institute and my work was also my hobby: Spending lots of time at work, in a challenging environment with nice and enthusiastic colleagues. I took on some extra projects, and on top of that I replaced a colleague on sick leave. And then I crashed. Burnout…

Free of expectations

After being at home for a while, followed by a careful reintegration process and being back at work, I realised that I didn’t want to do that job anymore. To be free of the expectations of colleagues and of myself, I quit. This gave me time to rethink my career path and current wishes, and orientate on the options available.

Dreams and action

I decided to follow my heart and to start working much closer to and more with people. My mission to contribute to the happiness of people and to make the world a better place has always been part of me. But in my former job, I didn’t feel that I could pursue this goal in a satisfactory manner anymore. I went back to the classroom, this time for a very human oriented education: coach practitioner. To bring my strengths, previous experience and even more important my mission in life together, I created my own dream job. Today I am active as a career and burnout coach for highly educated professionals working in a content-driven environment (engineering, science, finance, …).


It is very rewarding to be able to create, initiate and execute my own projects again, instead of coordinating processes (something that had become a continuously growing part of my former job). I also get lots of energy from the true connections I make with people. I work according to my own values and strengths and regained my autonomy and freedom!

Who am I?

Being burnout, I worked hard on my personal development and continued working on it since. I live very consciously, being aware of who I am, what I do and what I long for. That brings me many goods things, but at the opposite I am not always as light-hearted and carefree as I would like to be.

Happier after burnout?

Since my burnout I live much closer to my true self, my values and my mission in life. I have learned to know myself much better and I listen (again) to what my body and my emotions are telling me. I accepted my sensitivity, at least most of the time (here you can read more about highly sensitive persons). Being more open to others makes that the other can be so as well. This has resulted in many beautiful interactions and conversations.

I am also more easily brought off balance and life isn’t as carefree as it was before. Something I thought I was immune for, happened anyway. An unstoppable power woman, that is not what I would call myself these days anymore. Although honestly, I probably still am, but in a different manner. 😉

Before I got burnout I was pretty happy. And I am (luckily) pretty happy again! As I can also appreciate and enjoy little moments of happiness and gratitude, I do not need as many major achievements anymore to feel so.

Burnout: Something good?

Burnout shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a tough illness to recover from and I my case it turned my whole life upside down. However, you can make the most out of it and the things you achieve by doing so will be beneficial. For me personally, I live much closer to my true self and I am less prone to expectations of other people (or myself). Life feels healthier and more of my own. And I am really happy again!

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