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Career coaching and burnout coaching in Eindhoven

How would your life look like, when you would do what you like most, using your capabilities and strengths? Wouldn’t you like to be in charge of your own life and career?
As a career and burnout coach I will guide and support you towards a life full of energy and fulfilment. I can help you with personal development, in finding your dream job, with leadership themes or the recovery of a (near) burnout.
If you have any questions or if you would like to see if career coaching could also help you further, please feel free to contact me.

Topics and questions I might help you with

– Your current job does not make you happy. Which job will suit you better?
– How to survive in the academic world (PhD, postdoc)?
– What should be the next step in your career?
– How can you improve your work-life balance?
– You (almost) completed your PhD. What to do next? Industry, university, or something else…?
– You suffer from a (near) burnout. How to recover and regain strength and energy?
– How to better handle the stress (at work or in general)?
– What do you need to do to transform from a specialist into a manager/team leader/project leader?
– How to become more visible at work and show more leadership?

For whom?

My clients often have a bachelor, masters or PhD degree (Bachelor, BA/BSc, MA/MSc, PhD). They are for example active as designer or engineer, researcher or scientist, project leader, policy advisor or manager and work within high-tech, R&D, ICT, (semi-)governmental organisations, academia or are self-employed. Testimonials of former clients (both Dutch and international/expat) can be found here.

Career coaching

As career coach I guide you in a professional way in your personal development, and growth in your career path. Although every person is different, questions often fit in these categories:
• What personal growth is needed to get the most out of my current job, or to be ready for my next step?
• I know I want to get a new position. However, what do I really like and how do I get there?
• I don’t know what I like to do for work. What job or career path fits my personality and strengths?

Burnout coaching

When you suffer from a (near) burnout, I can help you to get in charge of your life again, step by step. Topics:
– Acceptance of the situation
– Regain energy
– Reflection on the process of getting burnt out. What was your share in it, and what was your organisation’s share?
– Working on the things you can influence yourself
– Dealing with your emotions and recognizing your physical warning signals
– Getting back to work

In addition, I help people to better handle stress and take care of their energy balance.

Way of working

Your questions and goals will always be the starting point of our meetings. Therefore I often work via two parallel paths. Deepening your self-insight and facilitating personal growth on the one hand, and learning new skills for strengthening your personal efficacy on the other.

I use techniques and methods from coaching, management as well as leadership theories.

We will meet face to face in my office in Eindhoven or via Skype.


A coaching card fits a variety of coaching topics, ranging from personal development to career coaching and burnout. Depending on your questions, you choose an amount of sessions. A session takes 75 minutes, costs € 95,-, and tea, coffee, water and a small snack are included. Skype sessions are possible as well. Payment in advance.

3 sessions: € 285,-
5 sessions: € 475,-
7 sessions: € 655,-

All prices are including VAT. Preparation and reporting are included in these prices. Meetings take place in my office in Eindhoven or online via Skype.

“Sagitta has a unique style of coaching with particular emphasis on understanding the underlying thought process behind our accepted behavioral patterns and trying to bring a change at that level, so as to have a more lasting influence. She acted as mirror to my personality, making me realize my pitfalls and strengths. Such an approach coupled with her excellent training techniques have helped me enormously to have an impact in my work environment. It was a pleasure to work with Sagitta and thank you for your insights!”

postdoc researcher at a university, male, 30 years old

“I chose Sagitta as my job coach because online aptitude tests didn’t help me. I found Sagitta to be very effective and flexible in her approach to the client. Everybody is different, has a different lifestyle and needs but Sagitta just gets you! She is a pro! She genuinely cares about well-being of her clients and went beyond the measure to help me reach my goal. It’s a hard work but it’s worth it.
Sagitta’s office is cosy and welcoming. You don’t feel like walking into another corporate-like place. It is a perfect environment to get inspired and make progress.
I highly recommend Sagitta as a job coach.”


About me

sagitta peters coach career coaching loopbaancoaching burnout coaching, coaching voor hoger opgeleiden, academici, universiteit, promovendi, technici, ingenieurs, engineers, academic staff, phd students, postdocs, university, eindhoven, utrecht, amsterdam, nijmegen, rotterdam, tilburgMy love for science and technology combined with a deep interest in more societal matters led me, as an engineer, to jobs as policy advisor, editorial assistant and managing director. Triggered by a burnout, I decided to check out from this path characterized more and more by organizing processes.

To bring my strengths, previous experience and even more important my mission in life together, I created my own dream job. Today I am active as a career and burnout coach for highly educated professionals and academics (both Dutch and expats).

I believe that everyone deservesa career which makes truly happy. Working from the inside out is my method to help you to define and achieve yours.

To learn more about my education and career, check my profile on LinkedIn. More testimonials of former clients can be found here.

Introductory meeting

An introductory meeting of 30 minutes is without obligations and free of charge and can be done via Skype as well. It will give you an impression how we would work on your questions or goals. After this meeting you can decide if you start coaching sessions with me or not.
Please contact me to plan a meeting. Coffee and tea are waiting for you!

And last but not least

sagitta peters coach loopbaancoaching burnout coaching, coaching voor hoger opgeleiden, academici, universiteit, promovendi, technici, ingenieurs, engineers, academic staff, phd students, postdocs, university, eindhoven, utrecht, amsterdam, nijmegen, rotterdam, tilburg, career coachingA safe environment is key for a successful working relationship, therefore I work under strict confidentiality. I work following the guidelines for coaches, as they are also mentioned in the International Ethic Code for coaches and mentors of the EMCC/NOBCO.

I have a Coach Practitioner degree from an organisation with EMCC-NOBCO Practitioner and Post-HBO accreditation and a specialisation in career coaching. To continue my development as a person and coach, I follow trainings and coaching on a regular basis. In addition to that I read about relevant themes and regularly practice intervision with peers.