Ten important questions when considering a major career step

Do you feel that it might be getting time to explore new career options? Or do you know someone for whom this counts? Then continue reading!
If your current job doesn’t fit you anymore and you are considering a major career step, a thorough self-analysis (and maybe a bit of soul-searching) can reveal what type of job will make you happy. It will help you to get a better view of your work and life goals, the type of work you love to do and excel in, the organisational culture that connects with your values and the environment you will flourish in.
In fact, this type of self-examination is also worth doing when you are happy with your work, so that you can adjust in time to stay that way. But how do you start such a reflective self-analysis?

Questions to ask yourself

Below I share ten important questions to guide you in your self-reflection. Without further ado, in a short but sweet list (a free download can be found here):

1. How was I as a kid, how did I grow up?

2. What do I stand for in life today?

3. Do I really aspire a new job, or do I run away from problems that I will face in another environment as well?

4. What are my strong assets (strengths, skills, talents)? When do they flourish?

5. What gives me energy?

6. Which fields or skills do I want to develop further?

7. What is my dream job (astronaut, musician, …) and what does this say about me?

8. What I don’t want anymore?

9. Which aspects should I take into account as well (from commuting to finance and cancellation period)?

10. What or who holds me back?

Which questions where eye openers for you when considering a major career step? Which ones should I add? I would love it when you would let me know!

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