Workshop career orientation at TU/e PhD Event

The Eindhoven University of Technology yearly organizes a career event for PhD students. I’m really happy to be one of this year’s workshop leaders. In a two hour workshop we will work on a structured approach for career orientation. Because I truly believe that there is a dream job for everyone, and that an inside-out approach is the way to find yours!

Who will be there as well on May 24 2019?

Towards your dream job: a structured approach for career orientation

Orientation for a job after your PhD is often quite overwhelming. Where should you start and what should you do, to get a better view on the career perspectives that really reflect your personality and strengths?
In this workshop you will get a framework for your orientation process. We will also look deeper into the three questions that are important in this approach: Who are you? What are your capabilities? And what do you like to do? Via exercises you will get the first answers and you will end the workshop defining the next steps you can take in your personal orientation.

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