Reasons I love working as a coach

Some people openly ask me what I love about my job. Others might wonder… With a scientific and technological education and having worked in such an environment for several years, it has been quite a journey to embrace some parts of myself again. In fact, not using and even neglecting these ‘softer’ sides had also contributed to forgetting who I truly was.

Since I am working as a coach, everything has fallen into place. By accepting who I am (no matter what) I am now able to use my sensitivity, intuition and interest in human drivers and behaviour and let them complement that pragmatic and problem-solving approach and knowledge of leadership and management I used before so much.

For those who wonder why I am so happy working as a coach, and for those who would just like to learn to know me better, I like to give a sneak peak into the reasons I love working as a coach!

Reasons I love working as a coach

All the stories that people share and the different views on life they have, make me conscious, humble and make me appreciate and consider life on a different level.
I love people, knowledge transfer and teaching.
I really want to make the world a better and happier place. I believe that people who really embrace themselves will be more kind and accepting to other people. (My company has a sustainable bank account and eco friendly coffee, tea and chocolate as well 😉)
Coaching implies working towards a goal.
One-on-one contact and working in small groups fits my character well.
Simply being there for the other, without having to spread my attention and focus, feels special.
Having the autonomy to do my work as I like it, following my own values.
Personal development is important for me. Learning new things makes me happy and I love encouraging others in their personal development.
I love making plans, developing workshops and trainings, writing blogs…
It is my deep belief that everyone should have a job that makes truly happy and gives at least as much energy as it costs (and preferably much more!!). Supporting people to get there is valuable and rewarding.
I like to contribute to the knowledge that employers, colleagues and partners have of burnout and of course to the recovery of individuals experiencing burnout.
And last but not least, I love that I meet great people every day.

Why do you love your work? Would be great if you’ll let me know!

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